Lotsa Listener Questions

How can you pick the best audition material? How can you get rid of those pre-performance nerves? How can you get rid of the break in your voice? All of these questions are answered in this episode of Vocalogical!

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Have an excellent week, and happy singing, everyone!

Resources: https://contemporarymusicaltheatre.wordpress.com/2012/04/13/a-complete-list-of-contemporary-musicals-2000-2012/





Expanding Range Extravaganza

“How do I expand my range?!” At one point or another, every singer asks this question! Now, Vocalogical has the answer! This episode is chock full of tips, pointers, and exercises, to take control of each register of your voice and expand them in both directions. Vocal fry, chest register, head register, mix, flageolet, and whistle are all covered!

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Test your ability to hear frequencies with this video:


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Big Bad Belting

It seems like every singer is trying to conquer the belt! Now, with Vocalogical’s latest episode, you’ll learn the tricks of the trade to achieve your belting goals. There are teaching tips galore in this one, and many listener questions on the topic are answered!

What is a belt? How can you get better control of it? What should singers avoid when belting? You’ll learn about this and more!

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Warm-Up Wonder

What do athletes, actors, dancers, and singers all have in common? They all need to warm-up! Join Matthew, Carolyn, and Kevin, as Vocalogical gives insight into the best warm-ups, how to structure your own routine, and how to prep your body to be the best it can be for performance time!

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