Holiday Hiatus


Happy Holidays, everyone! Vocalogical will be taking a bit of a break from releasing episodes, and will return in February. This will allow preparation for a new year full of new and exciting content on the voice!

Today’s episode gives a few free resources that are fun and offer a deeper understanding of the voice. Take the holidays to experiment and learn more about this wonderful instrument!


Pink Trombone: https://dood.al/pinktrombone/

Spectrumview: http://www.oxfordwaveresearch.com/products/spectrumviewapp/

Google Play alternative: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.galmiza.android.spectrogram&hl=en

Manuel Garia’s “Hints on Singing”: https://archive.org/details/hintsonsinging00garc

Garcia’s “Art of Singing”: https://archive.org/details/agq3849.0001.001.umich.edu

Francesco Lamperti’s “Art of Singing”: http://waltercosand.com/CosandScores/Composers%20L-P/Lamperti,%20Francesco/Lamperti__Francesco_-_The_Art_of_Singing.pdf

Laryngopedia: https://laryngopedia.com/


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Enjoy the holidays, and we’ll see you in February!

Happy and healthy singing, y’all!